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I have all of my login information for Treasury Management, but need help logging in.

Follow this quick reference guide to log in for the first time “First Time Logging In.”

I think I am locked out of Treasury Management.

Please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 585-249-1533.

I have logged in, but need help navigating the system.

There is a full user guide available to you in the Resources section of the Dashboard. There are also many quick reference guides available on the TM transition resources webpage. If you need additional assistance, we will be happy to help – please contact us at [email protected] or at 585-249-1533.

I can’t see my accounts.

On your Dashboard there is a “Manage Groups” button, click on that. From here you can pick and choose what accounts you see on your Dashboard when you first login.

I am trying to login to Treasury Management but the screen is just spinning.

It sounds like you may be using an unsupported browser. Internet Explorer is not supported and we suggest using Google Chrome.

I cannot log in to the Treasury Management mobile app.

You will need to log into Treasury Management Online for the first time (by clicking on the link and resetting your password). After logging into Treasury Management online, you will then be able to use the mobile app. In your App Store on your mobile device search for “Genesee Regional Bank”. You will have an option with a GOLD icon for GRBmobile Treasury. Once you install this app you will be able to login with the same new credentials you used to login on your computer.

I used to use a key fob security token to log in. Do I still need it?

For those using key fob security tokens, after you are set up on the new Treasury Management platform you can dispose of your key fobs. They will no longer be needed.

Mobile Apps

You can download the apps at any time. Your credentials will be the same for the desktop and mobile versions.

System Screen Shots

  • Various screen shots of the new mobile app are available below:
  • Screen shots of the new desktop platform are available below:
Treasury Management dashboard example
The dashboard provides a single view of critical operations, transactions, and communications.
Payments tab on the new Treasury Management platform
The new Payments tab provides a well-organized drop-down menu for ease of use.
Link to access SmartPay screen shot
Virtual Check Deposit (Remote Deposit Capture) transactions are accessible from the same interface.

Virtual Check Deposit-Only Customers

If you are a VCD-only user, you do not use GRBonline for Business Banking and currently access VCD via a link to the SmartPay portal, the GRB Mobile Deposit App, or both.

Beginning Monday, Feb. 28, VCD-only users will access the SmartPay portal via GRB’s new Treasury Management platform. GRB’s migration to Treasury Management upgrades the online and mobile banking experience for all users.

For Virtual Check Deposit (VCD) users, this will mean a new log in experience with enhanced security.

What will change on Feb. 28?

  • You will access VCD via the new Treasury Management platform.
  • When you log in, only the option to go to the SmartPay portal to view your VCD transactions and make deposits will be available. No other business banking capabilities will be accessible.
  • To login for the first time, you will need to follow the checklist above to ensure you have your credentials and password reset link available on Monday morning.

Below is a screen shot of the new login tab for VCD:

VCD login tab
Only the Receivables tab is available to VCD-only users.