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3 Indications That Prove It’s Time to Switch Merchant Accounts

Posted by MerchantPro Express

Some people are blatantly unhappy with their merchant service provider, but they just haven’t bothered to look for another one, while others may still need to realize how beneficial it would be if they found a better provider. Here are several indications that should alert you that the time to switch is now.

You shouldn’t be stuck with a merchant provider who doesn’t deliver good results. We recommend you assess your current account and learn more about other merchant service providers. Once you make the change, we know you’ll be glad you did.

Three reasons to switch merchant accounts are:

1. You Can’t Reach Your Merchant Service Provider

There are going to be times when you want to ask your merchant service provider questions. But if you are unable to get hold of someone without waiting on the phone for what feels like eternity, or you cannot get a straight answer, you’re going to get frustrated and your question will remain unanswered.

Large merchant service providers have a tendency to be more impersonal when they deal with their customers. While having access to updated credit card processing equipment (see #3) is important, you should look for a merchant service provider who treats you like you’re more than just another anonymous caller. If you don’t feel this way with your current provider, you may want to consider another one who makes you feel like you matter to them.

2. You’re Being Charged Useless Fees

Service packages. Breach Insurance. While they may seem legitimate, they are not necessary. And since business owners typically don’t know which fees are hidden fees, identifying them on your credit card processing statement may impossible to do. But you could be overpaying for your merchant services. First, you should find out what you’re paying now. Then contact other merchant service providers to see what they offer. Remember, you don’t have to make any rash decisions—and you shouldn’t—but it doesn’t hurt to learn about all available options. Often times, the simple act of soliciting quotes—even if you’re not completely sure how to analyze them—can lead to lower processing fees.

3. Your Credit Card Processing Equipment Isn’t Effective

Do you feel like your credit card processing solutions are way too slow? Are you interested in obtaining EMV equipment? Having access to the latest technology is an essential part of owning a business because it can keep you operating efficiently. Not only does it make daily activities easier for you and your employees, but it also improves your customers’ experiences. Faster check-outs. Better data protection. Your merchant service provider should be helping you achieve these goals—not holding you back.

If any of these things are happening to you, then it’s time to switch merchant accounts.

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