DocuSign ID Verify

How to Verify your Identity with DocuSign Liveness Detection for ID Verification

Fraud is a significant problem for both consumers and businesses alike. Nationally, billions of dollars are lost each year to various scams related to wire fraud.

DocuSign’s advanced ID verification process helps protect you from unauthorized wire transactions.

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Before you begin

You must be 16 or older to use Liveness Detection for ID Verification. In addition, you must ensure you have the following items before you start the verification process:

  • A valid ID
Valid ID selection: Driver's License, State ID, Passport, Residence permit, or Passport Card
  • A mobile phone with a functional camera with one of the following browsers:

Getting started

GRB sent you an email with documents to review and sign. Your signature requires identity verification, including liveness detection.

The following steps show you how to verify your identity with Liveness Detection for ID Verification.

Selecting your ID

  1. Select REVIEW DOCUMENT. The Let’s verify your identity screen opens.
  2. Select Next. The Tell us about your ID screen opens.
  3. Select the country that issued your identification documents and choose the ID you want to submit for verification. The Your consent screen opens. From this screen, you can access the policies and terms and conditions applying to Liveness Detection for ID Verification. ID Verification shows both the DocuSign and the trusted partner’s legal information.
  4. Select I Agree if you consent to the terms and conditions. The resulting screen depends on which device you used to initiate the verification process:
    • If you started the verification process on your mobile phone, ID Verification opens your camera with a dedicated frame to capture documents.
    • If you started the verification process on your computer, the Continue on your phone screen opens. Enter your phone number and select Next to continue the process on your mobile phone. ID Verification sends you a text message with a link to access the ID capture experience on your mobile phone. Alternatively, select Scan a QR code instead to retrieve the link without entering your phone number. After you select the link, ID Verification opens your camera with a dedicated frame to capture documents.

Note: If this is your first time using Liveness detection for ID Verification, the Allow camera access screen opens. Select Enable camera to open your camera on your mobile phone.

  1. Capture a photo of your ID, front and back as directed. ID Verification opens the Check your image screen.
  2. Select Upload if you consider that the quality of your image is satisfactory for verification. ID Verification can ask you to capture your ID again if it finds any defects on your image. If necessary, select Redo to capture your ID again. The Record a video screen opens.

Making your liveness recording

  1. Select the Start recording button, align your face within the frame and rotate your head from left to right. The Recording complete screen opens.
  1. Select Upload recording. ID Verification uploads your video and launches the verification process. If the verification is successful, the following screen opens: Your identity is verified. Alternatively, the We need a little longer screen opens if the AI needs more time to verify your ID. If the AI has any doubt about the validity of your ID document, ID Verification sends it to an agent for manual verification. Ensure that you keep the We need a little longer screen open on your phone until ID verification returns the verification result. If one of the following error messages displays, then the
    • We couldn’t verify your identity
    • We couldn’t match your name
    • Check the expiration date of your ID
    • Check your ID is the original

Once ID Verification has verified your ID, it opens your envelope.

Note: If you started the verification process on your computer, return to the page you left on step 5 to access your envelope.

Final verification

  1. Check the I agree to use electronic records and signatures option and select CONTINUE.
  2. Select START, then select the Sign tags. eSignature applies your signature on the selected tag. If necessary, it also lets you choose a signature image.
  3. Select FINISH. You’ve just signed your envelope. eSignature sends you and GRB an email confirmation, including the signed PDF documents.