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Whether you are looking for a short-term investment or have specific FDIC insurance requirements, GRB can help. Your Personal Banker will help you choose the CD option that’s right for you.

Banking OptionsCertificates of Deposit (CD)Certificate of Deposit IRACertificate of Deposit Account Registry Service®
Ideal for you if… want a low-risk investment with a fixed interest rate are looking for a retirement account you don't have to pay taxes on ... want to access information about multi-million dollar FDIC insurance
Minimum to Open $500 $500 $100,000
Minimum Balance $500 $500 $100,000
Monthly Service Charge None, unless you redeem CD before maturity None, unless you take distribution early $10
Earns Interest Yes Yes Yes
FDIC Insurance Yes* Yes* Information about FDIC insurance  availability through the Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service
Online Banking Free Free No
Rates Get Certificate of Deposit rates Get Certificate of Deposit IRA rates Get Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service rates
Extras Additional 0.10% APY given during the initial term of CDs with direct deposit of payroll or retirement income into a GRB account. N/A N/A

*Deposits are insured by the FDIC to $250,000 per depositor. To learn more about how deposits are insured by FDIC, go to My FDIC Insurance.