Unique Passwords Build Your Defense Against Hackers

Image displays a paint roller with a corn cob instead of cloth, and a light bulb made of pink fur. The text displayed on the graphic is made to say "Stay Safe, Be Unique."

We’ve all done it – use the same passwords for multiple accounts because it’s just easier. Well, it’s also easier for hackers. By repeating passwords or using similar variations, you are essentially creating a master key. Once hackers have your key, they have access to everything. But creating unique passwords can help stop hackers in their tracks.

It pays to be creative

Protecting your information online is vital. Though it may take more time, it is important to develop unique passwords for every account you hold. Password reuse is one of the leading causes of account compromises. Some of the largest and most costly data breaches started with a single compromised password.

But what defense do we have against tech-savvy hackers? It’s as simple as creativity. Your password should be unique and complex. If your password is too simple or too short, hackers will have a clear path to your information. If they go so far as to steal your identity, the damage can be devastating: financial losses, credit damage, emotional distress, and even a criminal record if the thief uses your identity to commit other crimes.

Staying safe and secure

Remembering every password you create can be difficult, but it’s even harder to recover from a malicious online attack. Creating a strong unique password is your first line of defense against hackers. Follow the simple “Do’s and Don’ts” for creating strong passwords and build your defenses today:


  • Make your password L O N G – 12 characters is a good minimum for passwords
  • Combine uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols within the code
  • Use a password manager, and let the system create a password for you


  • Never reuse passwords!
  • Avoid symbol substitutions, they’re easily detected by hackers – i.e. using @ for the letter A
  • Common words and phrases are easy to crack, make it more complex!
  • Avoid using passwords that hold personal significance to you

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