GRB Leaders Featured on Podcast Discussing Small Business, Community Commitment

grb podcast small business community

If you have not had a chance to catch the recent podcast featuring GRB Founder and Chairman E. Philip Saunders and GRB President and CEO Philip Pecora, you need to grab 45 minutes and do so!  Such great stories about the roots of their personal and professional commitment to the local small business community, and what we can all do to help the Rochester community grow and prosper.

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“I’ve had many people that we’ve done business with (at the bank) that come to me and have actually thanked me.  You did more than just become my banker…you’ve really helped me see my business in a different light.  They’ve looked at us…like we’ve really helped them evolve into something else.  That makes you feel good.”

– E Philip Saunders

“As a bank, we believe in entrepreneurs.”

– Philip Pecora