GRB HSA Resources

Activating and Managing Your HSA

GRB Online Banking

GRB offers online banking for your HSA needs.  Online banking makes it convenient for you to pay for your qualified medical claims.  It also makes it easy for you to pay for qualified medical expenses that exceed the daily limit on the GRB HSA Mastercard.   

Enrolling in online banking is easy.  Just go to the link below and follow the instructions for auto enrollment:

Online Banking Auto Enrollment link

GRB Debit Mastercard®

The GRB Debit Mastercard makes it easy for you to use your HSA when you need to pay for qualified medical expenses for yourself, your spouse and your qualified dependents even if they aren’t covered under your health insurance.  Most providers will accept the card at the office, online, over the phone or written on the statement for payment.  In order for your card to work, you must have a balance in your HSA. 

Daily Limit

The GRB Mastercard has a daily limit of $1000.  You can get that limit temporarily increased when you know you have to pay for a medical claim in excess of $1000.  Please call 585-249-1540 and ask to lift the $1000 restriction when you are paying a claim.

Card Activation

You may activate your card one of two ways:

Online:  Go to  Click on Online Banking.  Create a user name and password to create an online account and activate your card there.

In Person:  Visit any one of our three branches or call 585-663-8930 to speak with a GRB representative who can activate your card over the phone.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card:  888-297-3416

Report Debit Card Fraud:  800-237-8990

GRB Checks

When you are enrolled in a GRB HSA, you will receive a few starter checks for you to use to pay for qualified medical expenses.  Your actual account number is on the starter check.  You may order a set of checks for a nominal fee and use checks to pay for your qualified medical expenses.

Important Forms

Transferring Funds into Your GRB HSA

If you have an HSA at a different institution, you may leave it at that institution or you can transfer the funds to your new GRB HSA.  Transferring HSA funds from one HSA account to another is not considered a distribution.  You do not have to transfer the entire balance. Complete a Transfer Form and mail to:

Genesee Regional Bank
4180 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY  14626

Fax to:  585.663.4089

Naming a Beneficiary 

If you didn’t already assign a beneficiary to your account when you enrolled you may do so at any time.  Complete the form and mail to:

Genesee Regional Bank
4180 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY  14626

Fax to:  585.663.4089

Adding a Convenience Signer

An HSA can only have one account holder.  You may designate someone to be a Convenience or Authorized signer of your account.  Complete this form and contact us at 585-249-1540 so we can walk you through the process.

Completing a Funds Rollover

A rollover is a way to move money or property from an MSA or HSA. This involves when you get an actual check from the HSA trustee or custodian.  The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) limits how many rollovers may be taken, how quickly rollovers must be completed, and how the Trustee or Custodian must report the transaction. By properly completing this form, you are certifying to the Trustee or Custodian that you have satisfied the rules and conditions applicable to your rollover and that you are making an irrevocable election to treat the transaction as a rollover.

  1. Timelines – The funds you receive from the distributing MSA or HSA must be deposited into an HSA within 60 days after you receive them. When counting the 60 days, include weekends and holidays. There are generally no exceptions to the 60-day rule and the IRS cannot grant extensions. Receipt generally means the day you actually have the funds in hand. For example, the 60 days would begin on the day following the day you pick up the check from the Trustee or Custodian or you receive the check in the mail.
  2. Twelve-Month Restriction – You are entitled to one distribution per year per HSA which may be rolled over. Twelve (12) months must pass after receipt of one distribution which you roll over before you may take another distribution from the same HSA to roll over. The focus is on distributions out of an HSA. You are entitled to roll over the same assets only once in a twelve (12) month period. Twelve (12) months must elapse between the time you receive a distribution of the assets to be rolled over and the time you receive another distribution of those same assets for rollover purposes.

Complete the form and mail to:

Genesee Regional Bank
4180 West Ridge Road
Rochester, NY  14626

Fax to:  585.663.4089

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