Mortgage eClosing

GRB offers hybrid eClosings for residential mortgage loans. In a hybrid eClosing, borrowers are able to sign the vast majority of their closing documents electronically – from anywhere – on the day of their closing. With only a handful of documents requiring an in-person signature, GRB is able to reduce the time borrowers, lenders, and other settlement agents spend at the actual in-person closing.

How Does it Work?

Illustration representing the electronic signature of documents
  • In a hybrid closing, GRB borrowers are able to electronically sign (eSign) home loan documents that do not require notarization before meeting at the settlement agent’s office to finalize the closing. The documents are made available via the GRB Mortgage Express portal. Documents are still signed on the date of the scheduled closing, not before.
  • The security instruments, or any documents that require a notary, will still be signed by the borrower/s in person at the settlement agent office. Because of the eClosing process, the in-person closing appointment involves signing only a handful of documents and takes only a few minutes. With eClosings, GRB offers both safety and convenience by keeping physical closing appointments to a minimum.
  • Settlement agents use their GRB Closing Portal to access packages, prepare documents with signature points, and collaborate with GRB throughout the closing process. Once a loan has closed, the settlement agent can use the portal to send the fully signed documents to the lender for review before automatically pushing them to their final repository. 


How will I know what to do for my eClosing?

Once the closing documents are generated by GRB, the borrower/s will receive notification that their closing package is ready to be reviewed. The borrower can then access the closing package by utilizing the GRB Mortgage Express portal. While the documents can be viewed at any time, the signature portion will only open up on the date of the scheduled closing. The documents cannot be signed before the closing date.

What if I cannot access the portal on my closing day?

Borrower/s can login to their portal using any device (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.). In case of a technology failure, the settlement agent will have access to the eClosing portion of the documents and can print them and perform a Traditional Closing in their office.

What if I forget to eSign my documents before going to the in-person part of my closing?

The borrower/s receives multiple email notifications reminding them to sign their documents on the date of the closing. Second and third notifications include the Settlement Agency and the Loan Closer, who will follow up with the borrower and request they take action before heading to the Settlement Agency. Again, worst case, the Settlement Agent can print all of the documents and perform a Traditional Closing.

Is an eClosing secure?

Yes, GRB’s eClosing process uses the same secure GRB Mortgage Express portal used throughout the loan application process. Rest assured, the information is secure.

What will I receive in the way of documentation when my eClosing is complete?

Borrower/s are able to download all the e-signed documents right from their GRB Mortgage Express portal. They also receive copies of the documents that are signed when they attend the in-person portion of the closing.

Can I choose a Traditional Closing on paper?

Transactions performed using eClosing have many benefits. If a Traditional Closing is preferred, however, we can certainly accommodate the request. Please inform your Mortgage Closer of your preference.