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Experiencing GRB

The GRB Experience. Our employees live it. Our clients benefit from it. It’s just how we do business.


Growing Rochester Business


In 1996, two successful local businessmen, E. Philip Saunders and Dan Gullace, purchased an established local bank. They renamed it Genesee Regional Bank with the vision of reestablishing a community bank presence, and helping to grow small business in the Rochester area. Our team truly understands the local business climate, thanks to our own personal experience.


We maintain a board of experienced local businessmen and women who are focused on the local economy, and make every effort to connect clients in order to foster even more growth in Rochester business.


Fostering an Entrepreneurial Culture


GRB was founded by entrepreneurs. That spirit guides how we do business to this day. Too often, small and growing businesses fail to capture the attention of larger financial institutions that lack the ability or motivation to serve their needs. At GRB, we have a different attitude. Our financial resources and management resourcefulness will provide you with the flexible, creative thinking you need to achieve your business goals. We use the latest technology for a safe and efficient banking experience, and empower our employees at all levels to provide innovative solutions, ensuring high-quality, responsive service that’s hard to match.


Becoming A Trusted Advisor


Our service is second to none because from the moment a client walks in the door, we focus on building a long-term, meaningful relationship with them. You’ll deal with senior banking professionals who take the time to get to know the inner workings of your company, becoming a trusted advisor and a strategic partner in helping you sustain and grow your business. Understanding your needs allows us to make you the best recommendations, personalized for your situation. We sincerely care about and appreciate your business, whether you are a CEO or simply have a checking account with us.




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