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Lost or Stolen Cards

If your GRB debit card is lost or stolen, please contact us in one of the following ways:

  • During business hours, call 585-663-8930
  • After business hours, call 800-754-4128
  • Login to GRBonline and go to Account Options > ATM/Debit Card to deactivate online



FDIC Information

All bank deposits are now insured by the FDIC to $250,000 per depositor. To learn more about how deposits are covered by FDIC insurance, go to My FDIC Insurance



Chip card exampleEMV "Chip Card" Replacements

GRB is replacing its magnetic stripe cards with new chip-enabled debit cards (also known as EMV cards).  EMV cards are a powerful new tool in the reduction of fraud and identify theft.  Below are common questions about how these cards work and how they provide a more secure purchasing experience:


What is an EMV card?

EMV (chip) cards provide an added layer of security for in-person transactions with an embedded microchip that contains encrypted information and is harder to duplicate and counterfeit.


Which GRB cards are being replaced?

All GRB-issued cards will need to be replaced.  Currently, we are starting with HSA cards and will move to the other debit cards progressively.


If I have multiple cards from GRB, will I receive them at the same time? 

We are doing a progressive rollout, so most customers with multiple cards will see a staggered delivery of their new chip cards.


How do I use the chip card?

Merchants have special terminals that support EMV cards.  To use these terminals:

>        Insert the card chip first, facing up.

>        Leave your card in the reader until the transaction is complete.  Removing it too soon may result in the transaction not being processed correctly.

>        Follow the prompts at the terminal if your PIN is required.  This validates the transaction.

>        When your transaction is complete, remove the card from the reader.


What if a store does not have the new chip-reader terminals?

Your card still has a magnetic stripe that can be used to process transactions until merchants complete the process of transitioning to the new chip-embedded cards.


Are there any additional fees associated with EMV cards?

There are no additional costs to have or use the chip card.  Replacement fees may apply for lost or stolen cards. 


Will my EMV card work at all ATMs?

Yes, your new card will work at both chip-enabled ATMs and ATMs where only magnetic stripe transactions are processed.  Follow the instructions provided on the screen.  Chip-enabled ATMs will hold the card until the transaction is complete.


Is a PIN required for in-person transactions?

You may be asked for your PIN when using the EMV card in person.  If a PIN is not requested, you may be asked to sign a receipt just as you do today.


Can I continue to use my old card?

No, the EMV card replaces your old card.  Please destroy your old card.


Can I get my old cards replaced with EMV cards earlier?

Yes, we are happy to replace older-style magnetic stripe existing cards with chip cards upon request.


If you have additional questions, please contact our service team at 585.218.4280.