Business Sweep Accounts

Maximize Interest Earnings

Sweep accounts provide a way to ensure your funds are used to maximize interest earnings instead of sitting in low-interest accounts.  Sweep accounts remain liquid while still earning higher interest rates – a win-win. 

Sweep accounts are quite common as business investment tools, especially for those that need daily cash flow but also want to maximize their earning potential on any cash reserves.  A business sweep offers users significant flexibility in how the account is set up, including ensuring a minimum balance is always maintained in the main account.  

How it Works

On a daily basis, GRB will automatically transfer excess balances into an interest-bearing account, allowing your business to earn a competitive rate of return on your funds.  GRB’s loan sweep links your business checking account and line of credit.  Line advances and paydowns are initiated automatically as needed.  

Sweep Advantages

There are a number of benefits associated with sweep accounts:

  • Lower minimum investments. A sweep account allows a business to invest smaller dollar amounts on a regular basis. Typcially, overnight investments require minimum amounts that are out of reach for most small companies.
  • Convenience. Sweep accounts automatically move extra cash into an investment account, no intervention required.
  • Access to funds. Sweep accounts offer fast access to your invested funds.  Depending on the situation and account, funds can even be made available same day.
  • Yield. Sweep accounts offer better rates than business checking and savings accounts.

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