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GRB provides a number of specialized accounts including:

Lease Security Deposit Accounts

If you're a landlord or manage residential properties, you know that managing tenant lease security deposits is time consuming.  Open an interest-bearing lease security deposit account with GRB to help comply with state and federal regulations. We can help answer your questions and make it faster and easier to administer your tenant lease security deposits by helping to set up new accounts and managing deposits and withdrawals.  Of course, you maintain access to your account and authorize all withdrawals to ensure everything remains secure. 

Contact our Cash Management Team for information on these products.

IOLA Accounts

The New York State Interest on Lawyer Account Fund ("IOLA") helps low income people in New York State obtain help with civil legal problems affecting their most basic needs, such as food, shelter, jobs and access to health care.  IOLA accounts are a type of attorney escrow account in which lawyers can pool the small (or briefly-held) deposits of multiple clients.  GRB is a participating bank approved by the Fund to open IOLA accounts. 

Health Savings Accounts

As the healthcare landscape continues to change, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) have become an important and alternative way for your employees to save toward future health care expenses on a tax-exempt basis. The GRB Health Savings Account is an interest-bearing deposit account used in conjunction with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). Contact GRB for more information or download our Health Savings Account Overview document for information about current HSA savings limits and other important considerations.

RulesTax Year 2017Tax Year 2018
 HSA Annual Contribution Levels

Individual coverage $3,400

Family Coverage - $6,750

Individual coverage $3,450

Family Coverage - $6,900

 HSA Catch-up Contributions

$1,000 for an accountholder age 55 or older

$1,000 for an accountholder age 55 or older

Minimum Deductible 

Individual coverage $1,300

Family Coverage - $2,600

Individual coverage $1,350

Family Coverage - $2,700

Maximum Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Individual coverage $6,550

Family Coverage - $13,100

Individual coverage $6,650

Family Coverage - $13,300

All tax references are at the federal level.  State taxes may vary.  Consult a tax advisor with questions.

Contact your insurance provider if you have questions as to whether your health coverage is HSA-qualified.  Other HSA eligibility criteria may apply.  Your personal contribution limit may be lower than the Internal Code maximums.  Individuals are responsible for monitoring their contribution limits.  

Please consult your tax advisor with questions about how the limits may apply to your situation. 

For Individuals

  • Pay for current medical expenses and save for future qualified medical and retiree health benefits, tax-free
  • Easy payment of medical expenses via a HSA debit MasterCard, online banking, or check
  • Qualified expenses include common doctor’s services, prescription drugs, vision and dental care, and hospital services

For Employers

  • Provides a lower cost health insurance option for employees
  • Employer contributions are not reported as employee income, and payroll deductions are made pre-tax, so you don’t pay FICA on these amounts
  • Current HSA rates