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GRBmobile FAQ

You'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about GRBmobile. If we can be of further assistance, please call (585) 249-1540. Click on a question to see the answer; click again to hide the answer.



General Information and Usage


What are the GRBmobile banking options?

• iPhone or  Android app (available through the Apple App Store and Google Play)

• iPad app (available through the Apple App Store)

• Mobile Browser at

• Text based banking  

What can I do with GRBmobile?

• Check account balances and view recent  transactions

• Transfer funds between linked GRB accounts (app and browser based versions only)

• Pay bills to previously setup payees (app and browser based versions only)

• Temporarily suspend or permanently disable debit cards (app and browser based versions only)

• View GRB locations and Hours (app and browser based versions only)

Who can use GRBmobile?

GRBmobile is available to all GRB Customers. You must be a GRBonline user to use any of the mobile banking options.

Can I use GRBmobile for my business banking accounts too?

Yes, all capabilities noted above are available to business accounts too. Cash Management Customers utilizing dual control can also approve ACH and/or Wire transactions (if applicable) as well.

What is the difference between GRBonline and GRBmobile?

GRBonline is our full version, PC based online banking service.  GRBmobile is our mobile device access service. As a layer of security and to safeguard your accounts you cannot reset your password or change your contact information in GRBmobile.  Also, funds transfer and bill payment services are limited in GRBmobile.  In order to access the full versions and functionality of these capabilities, you must login to GRBonline.   

Is there a fee for GRBmobile?

No, GRBmobile is free for all customers. However, text and/or data plan fees from mobile device service provider (ex. Verizon, AT&T, etc.) may apply. 

What type of device do I need to access GRBmobile?

Apps are available for iPhone, Android and iPad devices.  The mobile browser version is available to any device capable of mobile web browsing.  Text banking is available to any device that is capable of sending and receiving SMS text messages.

When can I access GRBmobile?

For consumer customers, you may generally access GRBmobile 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  For Business Cash Management customers, you may generally access GRBmobile from 6 AM EST to 12 AM EST dailyNo one may generally access GRBmobile during special or scheduled maintenance periods or interruption or delay due to causes beyond our control.  These hours of access are subject to change without notice.   

Will I be able to access all my accounts with GRBmobile?

GRBmobile allows you to access all accounts that you currently view within GRBonline.  Each account must be selected in the Mobile Settings area of GRBonline to be enrolled in GRBmobile.  

Can I access GRBmobile from a tablet device?

Yes. For iPad users, there is a GRBmobile app for iPad. For Android tablet users, the same app used on an Android phone can be used on an Android tablet. 

What account balance is displayed in GRBmobile?

The account balance displayed in GRBmobile is your current available balance, which includes pending transactions such as debit card, ACH, and wire transactions. It does not include funds available through overdraft lines of credit.   

How far back does the transaction history go in GRBmobile?

Transaction history for the prior two weeks is available in GRBmobile.  

Who do I contact for assistance with GRBmobile?

You can contact any of our locations for assistance with GRBmobile: our Linden Oaks headquarters at 585-249-1540, Pittsford at 585-218-4280, or Greece at 585-663-8930.     


Enrollment and Setup


How do I enroll in GRBmobile?

• For the app or browser versions of GRBmobile, log into GRBonline, select Options > Mobile Settings > Web Mobile Banking. Complete the fields and click submit.

• For the text based service of GRBmobile, select Options>Mobile Settings>Text Mobile Settings.  Complete the fields and click submit.  

Why can't I view my new GRB account in GRBmobile alongside my existing accounts?

Each time you establish a new account with GRB, you must login to GRBonline and enroll that account in GRBmobile under the Mobile Settings tab.  


Security and Passwords


Is GRBmobile secure?

GRBmobile utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which establishes an encrypted link between our web server and your mobile browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the two remains private.

How do I know that I am downloading the real GRBmobile app?

Apps should only be downloaded from reputable sources only.   Make sure Genesee Regional Bank is listed as the app publisher or seller in the app store.  

Should I have security software installed on my smartphone or tablet before I install GRBmobile?

Because of Android’s “open” platform, running an antivirus app and an anti-malware app on your Android smartphone or tablet is recommended.  Multiple antivirus/anti-malware “suite” products exist for Android phones – you can find these apps in the Google Play or Kindle app stores.  Furthermore, you should only download/install Android apps from trusted sources, such as the app stores mentioned above.


Apple’s operating system (iOS) is not “open”, and as such there are currently no antivirus or anti-malware apps required or available for IPhones/IPads.

Is GRBmobile available outside the United States?

GRBmobile is available outside the United States, but international charges may be associated with your mobile carrier.

What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen? Can someone access my GRBmobile accounts?

 Because we require a User ID and password and no information is stored on your mobile device, your information is safe.  We recommend that you do not store login information anywhere (such as in the notes capability) on your mobile device.   When you replace your device, simply edit your Mobile Settings via GRBonline and make any changes to the Wireless Provider and/or Phone Number if applicable. 

If I get locked out of my account, what do I do?

If you are enrolled in self password reset, you can go to GRBonline (on a PC), input your user name, click submit and the option “forgot password” will appear, follow the steps.  If you are not enrolled in self password reset, please contact GRB at 585-249-1540 and a Customer Service Representative can provide you with a temporary password.  Please note that you must login to GRBonline after a Customer Service Representative has given you a temporary password in order to establish your permanent password.   

I got an error that says "Pwd Expired" - what do I do?

You must log into GRBonline to establish a new password. Then log into GRBmobile.  

What do I need to do when I get a new phone?

If you get a new phone, but are using the same phone number and provider, no changes on your part are necessary. If you switch providers and/or phone numbers, log in GRBonline via the Internet and update your information on the Mobile Settings page. 


Bill Payment and Transfers


Why can't I access the "Pay Bills" feature?

The Pay Bills tab is only enabled for GRBonline Bill Pay Users that have one or more payees already setup. You can request enrollment by contacting us.  

Why can't I add a new payee in GRBmobile?

For a layer of security, functionality is limited to sending payments to previously established payees.  To add new payees, login to GRBonline, select bill payment and add a new payee.  You can then send payments to that payee via GRBmobile

What is the cut-off time for same day Bill Pay processing?

On any business day, the final cut-off time for same day processing is 1:00 PM EST.  Bill payment files are processed at 3 AM and 1 PM EST on each business day.    

What is the cut-off time for a same day transfer?

On any business day, the final cut-off time for same day processing is 9:00 PM EST.  

How do I know if my bill payment or transfer was successful?

Each time you make a transfer or bill payment, a confirmation will display on your phone. If you do not receive a confirmation, log into GRBonline go to Bill Payment or Transferto view scheduled payments and transfers to ensure the request went through.

Please Note: You will be contacted via email if funds are unavailable and we cannot process your bill payment or transfer request.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can transfer?

Transfers can be made up to the funds available in your account or your transfer limit (business users).  

How do I cancel a bill payment or transfer I made in GRBmobile?

If it is prior to the cutoff times for the business day the transfer or bill payment is effective, you can login into GRBonline to cancel pending transfers or bill payments.    




How do I set up alerts so I can view them in GRBmobile?

Go to GRBonline> Account Options> Alerts to setup various alerts.  Alerts setup to be displayed at login will be available in GRBmobile.


GRBmobile Text Banking


How do I enroll in GRBmobile text banking?

For the text based service of GRBmobile, select Options>Mobile Settings>Text Mobile Settings.  Complete the fields and click submit.  

What are the text banking commands?

Bal= all account balances

Bal mobile short name= single account balance

Hist = all accounts, recent activity

Hist mobile short name= single account, recent activity

Help= list of commands

Stop= cancel 

What is the text number?



What are the mobile short names and how can I change them?


The mobile short names are nicknames assigned to each account.  The mobile short name can be changed by going to GRBonline>Account Options>Mobile Settings>Text Mobile Settings.  Do not change the names to anything that includes sensitive information such as an account number.  

Are the text commands case sensitive?

No, the text commands are not case sensitive. 

How is GRBmobile text banking secure?

No personal or identifying information is sent via text.  Information is viewed by the mobile short name, not identifying information such as an account number.    GRB will not send any unsolicited text messages or ever ask for your login information.